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high mineral content · natural dog chew · zero additives· gently air-dried product · for all breeds and ages

Eggersmann Carnebello Beef Tail is a natural, pure chewing snack which is highly digestible and offers a nutritional rich complement to your dogs´ daily meal. It naturally includes cartilage and the small, not splinting bones of the tails, causing a high mineral content which supports your dogs joints effectively. As no additives are used in our dog treats and it is a single source protein product, you can feed it without risks to sensitive dogs. Our Carnebello Beef Tail provides a long lasting chewing experience while it is helping to keep your dogs teeth clean. Due to the carefully drying process of our Beef Tail, it is characterized by a high protein and mineral content. Your dog will love to chew Carnebello Beef Tail as a tasty and healthy chewing treat.

Beef tail 100 %
białko surowe 69,0 %
tłuszcz surowy 8,4 %
popiół surowy 15,4 %
wilgotność 6,8 %
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