Carnebello Dry Food Beef & Rice
Dry Food
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Complete feed for adult dogs with normal energy requirements

High-quality dry feed with beef & rice · without sugar and artificial colours and flavours

Our Eggersmann Carnebello Dry Food Beef & Rice is a tasty complete food that provides your dog with plenty of energy for an active life thanks to its high energy content. The hard-baked croquettes contain local beef, rice and healthy whole grains. Rice is a carbohydrate source that is particularly kind to the stomach and intestines and keeps your dog full for a long time. The beef it contains provides valuable animal protein and the whole grains naturally contain important B vitamins and minerals, so that your dog is supplied with all the necessary nutrients. To support intestinal activity and a balanced intestinal flora, the Carnebello Dry Food Beef & Rice also contains apple pomace rich in pectin, a natural fiber with prebiotic properties. Our tasty recipe is refined with valuable herbs, so with our dry food you offer your dog a meal that is not only delicious but also healthy. Our Eggersmann Carnebello Dry Food Beef & Rice is suitable for all adult, normally active dogs.

Greaves (thereof 75% beef) 12 %
Whole wheat
Whole grain corn
Wheat meal
Whole grain barley
Rice flour 8 %
Beet fibre (desugared)
Poultry fat
Beef fat
Hydrolized liver
Poultry protein
Fish meal
wytłoki jabłkowe 0,8 %
suszona marchew
chlorek sodu
Green oat (dried and chopped)
ziarno słonecznika
Herbs in total: 0,3 %
białko surowe 22,00 %
tłuszcz surowy 9,00 %
włókno surowe 3,00 %
popiół surowy 5,50 %
wilgotność 9,00 %
wapń 1,15 %
fosfor 0,80 %
potas 0,50 %
sód 0,25 %
magnez 0,11 %
witamina A (3a672a) NA 10.250,00 I.E.
witamina D3 (3a671) NA 1.000,00 I.E.
Witamina E (3a700) NA 60,00 mg
witamina B1 (3a821) NA 4,00 mg
witamina B2 (3a825i) NA 6,00 mg
pantotenian wapnia NA 10,00 mg
niacyna (3a314) NA 45,00 mg
witamina B6 - chlorowodorek pirodyksyny (3a831) NA 3,00 mg
kwas foliowy (3a316) NA 2,00 mg
biotyna (3a880) NA 350,00 mcg
witamina B12 - cyjanokobalamina NA 60,00 mcg
żelazo (3b103) (siarczan żelazawy monohydrat) NA 80,00 mg
tlenek cynku (3b603) NA 80,00 mg
miedź (3b405) (siarczan miedzi pięciowodny) NA 8,00 mg
mangan (3b502) - tlenek manganowy NA 5,00 mg
bezwodny jodan wapnia (3b202) NA 2,00 mg
selen (3b801) - selenian sodu NA 0,15 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
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