Körnerpick Grain Feed Premium
Grain Feed
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Complementary feed for poultry

Special mix of grain, GM-free · also suitable for poultry such as geese and ducks

Our Grain Feed Premium provides your chicken with a special mix of grain. We have added sunflower seeds, split peas and milo seeds to the recipe for our tried-and-tested grain feed. This not only produces a particularly palatable mix for your chicken but also provides a higher concentration of essential plant-based vitamins and minerals. The grain is gently processed to give our Grain Feed Premium its coarse structure, which will satisfy your chickens’ natural pecking instinct. This grain mix is, of course, also GMO-free. Our Grain Feed Premium can be combined with the Flour Mix Oregano and is also suitable for feeding poultry such as geese and ducks.

Corn (broken)
Erbsenbruch grün
ziarno słonecznika
węglan wapnia
białko surowe 10,40 %
włókno surowe 3,10 %
tłuszcz surowy 3,50 %
popiół surowy 3,50 %
wapń 0,17 %
fosfor 0,35 %
sód 0,02 %
lizyna 0,26 %
metionina 0,18 %
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