Carnebello Chews Lamb Scalp
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natural dog chew · zero additives· gentle air dried product · for smaller and senior dogs

Eggersmann Carnebello Lamb Scalp is a natural and highly digestible chewing snack. As the scalp of Lamb is less thick and much softer than Beef scalp, Carnebello Lamb Scalp is a good choice for smaller and senior dogs. While offering this chewing pleasure, the crunchy snack naturally cleans your dogs teeth and strengthens the chewing muscles. Our Carnebello Lamb Scalp is a completely natural product without any additives and offers best compatability to sensitive or allergic dogs. Due to the gentle air drying process this chew is rich in high available protein and minerals - so it guarantees a tasty and valuable chewing pleasure in addition to your dogs´ daily meal.

Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 20 MJ ME/kg

Lamb scalp 100 %
białko surowe 78,8 %
tłuszcz surowy 8,0 %
popiół surowy 4,0 %
wilgotność 7,0 %
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